The École Polytechnique alumni association
dedicated to Quantum Computing technologies

Bringing the Quantum Revolution to Life

We are living the emergence of a new industry: the so-called ”second quantum revolution” industry, which embodies phenomena that marvelled us while we were at the École Polytechnique (X): superposition, entanglement, Bose-Einstein condensation, superconductivity, Hall effect and many more. For decades, these technologies were theoretically possible but practically infeasible outside the environment of a laboratory. The astonishing capacities of quantum computing gave it the role of the Holy Grail for generations of scientists. A tremendous amount of research effort and energy was spent to create the very first qubits, assemble them and create the proofs of concept that we all know. Today, we witness quantum computing entering in an engineering phase and the expectations of generations of researchers are finally getting realized.

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École Polytechnique alumni

QuantX is an association of École Polytechnique (X) alumni that counts 150+ quantum computing specialists worldwide: representatives of industrial groups and academia, startups, investors and consulting firms, media, and the government. By gathering the quantum community, QuantX aims to accelerate the QC ecosystem growth, enhance knowledge transfer, help discover new applications, train future quantum engineers and experts, and motivate the forthcoming generations to contribute to the world of quantum computing. QuantX carries the vision that the success of quantum technologies relies on scientific excellence and entrepreneurship. After a series of events establishing the links between different actors, QuantX is looking forward to its next milestone events and initiatives.


Guidance of universities

The best way to inspire future generations of researchers and experts in quantum computing, communication and sensing is to connect them to the present experts considered as thought-leaders.

Alumni networking

The alumni network covers the academic world, industry and finance, start-ups, and governmental agencies in France and abroad. One of our ambitions is to gather the École Polytechnique community to exchange through various networking activities.

Think-tank and advocacy actions

QuantX aims to be an environment to share propositions, thoughts and analysis so that the French ecosystem stays at the front-line of quantum technologies.


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